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having a little Free! time

That Frustrating Moment(Mirai Nikki-Gasai Yuno Version)..

that frustrating moment when your fridge is full, but there is nothing to eat!

that frustrating moment when you reach the phone and it stops ringing!

that frustrating moment when someone changes the song just before the good part!

that frustrating moment when you’re playing a game and haven’t saved your progress in a long time and it crashes!

that frustrating moment when you catch yourself singing a song that you’re supposed to hate!

That Awesome Moment(Noragami-Yato Version)..

that awesome moment when you have new followers!

that awesome moment when you open the fridge and it’s filled with food!

that awesome moment when you actually look good in a group picture!

that awesome moment when watching EPIC Animes!

that awesome moment when you’re all alone.. AND YOU LOVE IT !

The Delivery God, Yato-samaaa Everywhere!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

..that’s ‘Girl Power’ for you!!👊😎👊

phantom thief 1 4 1 2 

#animethrowback Kaito Kid! 😍😍


Edogawa Conan in Detective Conan ep 651 THIS CUTIE

#animethrowback ever ‘CUTE’ as ever!!😆😆